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Managed I.T. Support For Your Business


Every business needs a reliable computer network to  operate efficiently, but not every business can justify the expense of hiring their own IT staff to manage it.  At The Computer Doctors, we manage your computer network so you don’t have to!


With our dedicated computer maintenance agreement plans, IT support for your computer network is only a phone call or email away! Our comprehensive plans offer support for computer and network installation, maintenance, repair, and technical support at greatly reduced rates.  In addition, our support plans offer high-priority service from your very own dedicated field engineer. This allows you to get on with doing what you do best:  Running Your Business !


  • Network Design, Installation and Support

  • Server Installation and Maintenance

  • Workstation Installation and Maintenance

  • Software Support

  • Security and Antivirus

  • Backup, including Off-Site Backup

  • Field and Shop Repair Services


Whether you have Computer Doctors hardware or mixed vendors, The Computer Doctors is able to formulate a flexible service plan that can meet your needs, from end-user PC’s all the way up to complex data centers.  Whether you need support for your local network, or want to use cloud-based networking, the certified engineers at The Computer Doctors can help you install and maintain it.












Our certified engineers at The Computer Doctors are familiar with many software programs and can often help you with questions right over the phone!  No need to call an overseas company and wait on hold to get sub-standard service.  Also, we serve as the liaison between you and your custom software company to help keep custom applications running nominally.



Why do we put our data in fate's hands each day? Why do we work hard to create new information and not take an extra moment to make a backup copy...just in case?  Maybe it's because most of us don't know what to backup, where to backup, what to use to make backups, or how to use them. The Computer Doctor’s Off-site Backup service will offer you the flexibility and peace of mind to sleep safely at night knowing your data is protected.



The Computer Doctors is your one-stop shop for management of your enterprise IT.  We handle the support for your network by monitoring current network conditions and responding before a critical issue arises.  We take care of security for you, by keeping your security solutions, backup systems, antivirus and anti-malware programs up-to-date.  Our service agreements make it all very affordable!



Our customized support agreements enable you to control your IT budget by paying one monthly fee for a committed number of service hours.  They also entitle you to priority service with a dedicated engineer for your account.



Our certified engineers can help design, build, and maintain your web presence and optimize search engines to find your site, and maintain your cloud servers and company intranet!



Our engineers are certified on equipment including Cisco®, Microsoft®, Linux, Oracle®, and Novell®.  We can design and install your network and keep it running smoothly


For more information about our Managed I.T. Solutions, please click one of the links below:


  • Service Level Agreements - This is a service contract that provides fast, high-priority support to customers that need high availability on their systems and networks.  Customers purchase blocks of committed hours that roll from month to month if they are not used up.  In exchange for this commitment, they received greatly discounted hourly rates and requests for service are placed at the top of the queue.


  • Tier 3 Escalated Network Services - Customers that do not need a service contract but still require high-level network services on a time and material basis may choose our Tier 3 services.  These are priority services billed at Tier 3 rates but the customer receives high priority from highly skilled techicians that can quickly come to the rescue and fix their network problems.


  • Off-Site Backup Plans - Computer Doctors offers off-site backup as an option to our customers, protecting their valuable data from loss by copying data into secure data centers around the globe.


  • Remote Support - The technicians at Computer Doctors often do not need to make a trip to the customer site.  We can often fix problems using remote control software.  This results in quick response and quick resolution.

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