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Wipe and Reload Policy

We at Computer Doctors are committed to providing the best possible repair service for you.  In the event your computer must be restored to factory state, AKA, “Wipe and Reload”, we want you to be aware of the following:


1. Your data will be ERASED during this procedure.  We will attempt to BACK UP any files we are able to locate in your DEFAULT user folders, i.e., “My Documents”, “My Pictures”, “Favorites”,  “My Music”, and email PST files stored in Microsoft Outlook, email DBX files in Outlook Express, or Windows Live Mail containers.  The DEFAULT user folders include the folder that has the same name as your boot up login name, and the “ALL USERS” folders.  If you have kept data in other locations other than the default user folders, you must inform us so that these can also be backed up.  We do not guarantee that we can back up any or all personal files.  Any data that is backed up will be kept strictly confidential, unless this personal data is clearly identified as illegal, such as detection of child pornography in the user folders.  We are NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST DATA WHATSOEVER!


2. If multiple users use the same computer with different login names, you must inform us so we can look for the additional user’s files!


3. We only install the operating system and drivers for which there is a valid license sticker.  If you wish to install an alternate operating system, you must provide to us the installation CD/DVD disk along with a valid license key.  If no license key is available, we cannot proceed with the re-install.


4. WE CANNOT BACKUP PROGRAMS, ONLY PERSONAL DATA.   You must supply us with the installation CD/DVDs and license keys for any programs you want us to re-install.  Wipe and reload of the operating system includes only those programs included with Microsoft Windows, along with any other application CD/DVD disks and licenses you provide to us.  Microsoft Windows by itself DOES NOT include programs such as Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, or Access.  It also does not include any antivirus or security software.  


The following programs are included with a basic Windows installation:

a. Microsoft Internet Explorer

b. Outlook Express with Windows XP, or Windows Live Mail with Windows Vista/Win7/Win8

c. Notepad / Wordpad / Calculator / Paint


If you do not see the program you want use in this list, it is not included with Windows and you MUST bring your program CD’s or DVD’s with you along with any applicable license keys for us to re-install.


5. If you need to re-install any “free” internet downloaded applications, you must inform us so that we can download and reinstall them.  Programs that are free on the internet but must be separately installed include:


a. Mozilla Firefox web browser or Mozilla Thunderbird email software

b. Google Safari web browser

c. Various free games

d. OpenOffice  (This is NOT Microsoft Office!)

e. Free antivirus and security programs.


6. All passwords and security keys are erased during the procedure.  These CANNOT be backed up.  We will test your computer using OUR internet connection before it leaves the shop.  If your computer requires a wireless key to connect you to your home network, you must type it in yourself when you get it back home in order to reconnect your computer to your own internet connection.   Your computer likely has saved passwords, even if you are not prompted for them under normal operation.  You may be required to provide your email account information after reconnecting to your home network.   WE ARE UNABLE TO RECOVER YOUR EXISTING SAVED PASSWORDS, AND CANNOT PUT IN YOUR EXISTING PASSWORD IN ADVANCE AND SAVE IT FOR YOU.  YOU CAN ONLY DO THAT DURING THE PROCESS OF RE-CONNECTING TO YOUR HOME NETWORK!  If you do not know your passwords, or otherwise are unable to do this on your own, it may be necessary that you have to pay us or a third-party to come to your home to reconnect you back onto your network and set up your internet or email applications.


7. The following programs cannot be installed at our shop and must be installed during a field service call, billed separately:


a. Any remote access product, including GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, PC Anywhere, VNC, etc.


b. Any connections to any type of local or remote server, shared drive, or shared printer.


8.  Any peripheral and/or hardware devices such as printers and scanners must be reconnected and reinstalled after a wipe and reload.  Unless these devices are brought in with the computer, the customer will either need to reconnect and reinstall the software for these devices, or pay Computer Doctors to come to their location to do so.

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