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Power Supply Replacement


The power supply in your computer provides the power.  That's why it's called the "power supply". 


When your computer fails to turn on, it is likely the power supply has failed.  This can happen if a power surge hits your computer.  Power surges can cause great damage to a computer, but in most cases, the power supply will try to sacrifice itself to save the rest of the system.


Power supplies are generally cheap to fix.


Even cheaper is to get a decent surge protector.  Note that not all power strips are surge protectors.  They should have a joule dissipation rating.  Consider a minimum of 1000 joules that will kick in at 330 volts with a minimum of 1 nanosecond of response time.  A battery backup (UPS) is also recommended to protect your computer from low-voltage conditions.  A UPS will keep the power on to your computer when you suffer a brown-out or black-out, giving you time to save the file you are working on.


Note that surges and spikes are not the same as lightning.  That's a common misconception.  There is nothing that can protect your computer from a direct hit by lightning.  If there is a severe thunderstorm, you should unplug your computer from the wall.


But if a surge still gets through (they can!), we can replace your power supply just the same.  We can fix power supplies for tower computers and for laptops.  We can also fix other power related issues, including laptop batteries, cell phone batteries and chargers, and tablet batteries and chargers.


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