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Hardware Repairs


Is your computer broken?  Did you break your laptop screen?  Is your hard drive about to give up the ghost?


What about a broken cell phone or tablet?  We can help!


Bring your broken device to The Computer Doctors!  We are your best chance of getting your broken device working again.  We have trained technicians that know what they are doing and know the ins and outs of your devices.


If we can't fix it, it can't be fixed.  It's that simple.


Please choose one of the following options below to get more information on your specific type of repair.

PC, Mac, and Laptop Repairs

We have been repairing computers for over 24 years!

Your PC, Mac, or laptop is not without hope.  We have trained technicians that can fix your computer and get you back up and running quickly, whether you are a home user, or depend upon your computer for business.  Our technicians can fix your system in our service center, or we can come to you!

Smartphone and Tablet Repairs

The Fastest and Most Reliable Repairs of your mobile device available

We have the best service center available in the area to fix your broken mobile device. We use highly-skilled technicians and the best equipment and techniques to get your device back to you in working condition.  Bring your device to us and let us get you back online again.

Computer Networks

We can fix your home or business computer network

Whether you have a home network that isn't getting on the internet, or you have a business with a server that isn't working, we can get you up and running quickly. 

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